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April 29, 2018

Fifth Sunday of Easter

I am swimming currently – not drowning … yet! – in a sea of data protection. The new world of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into being 25th May and to be compliant and to use the data currently held, things have to be done by each congregation and by the ELCE. As always […]

April 22, 2018

Fourth Sunday of Easter

15 minutes. That’s what I’ve given myself to write this. Never done anything like this before and wonder whether I’ll have to stop mid sent- …  Sometimes the weeks get on top of you and sometimes at the beginning of the week you can just see the mountain in front of you – all […]

April 15, 2018

Third Sunday of Easter

Hilary Mantel, in last year’s Reith Lectures, said: As soon as we die, we enter into fiction. Just ask two different family members to tell you about someone recently gone, and you will see what I mean. Once we can no longer speak for ourselves, we are interpreted. When we remember – as psychologists so […]

April 8, 2018

Second Sunday of Easter

In my Easter sermon I asked the questions: Do you want to be a Christian? Do you want to be a Muslim? Do you want to be a Hindu? Do you want to be a Buddhist? And the replies were a resounding ‘No’ and various reasons were given that might be viewed as caricature or […]

April 1, 2018


Last week I mentioned that my phone was dying – almost on life support with its constant need to be plugged into the wall for intravenous electricity. I’m sorry to say that my phone died. No matter how many times I tried an electronic CPR there was no coming back. This week I can tell […]

March 28, 2018

Palm Sunday

My phone, it seems, is dying … by degrees. It’s been getting slower. I thought it was the battery – and maybe it is – but that’s not easily replaceable. So over the last week or so all the various things I can use the phone for – texts, family-chats, photos, internet, tweets, emails seem […]

March 14, 2018

The Fourth Sunday in Lent

The ELCE is currently having a global ‘Health and Safety’ audit done. Health and safety is a topic that can generate a range of emotions! It is part and parcel of our world and the organisations in which we’re involved. Inspections, audits, paperwork, policies, checks and rechecks are the scaffolding our society uses to keep […]

March 4, 2018

The Third Sunday in Lent

You can’t be what you can’t see. I get it. To help inspire, to lift aspirations it is important to have role models. It is important for people to see someone ‘like them’ in all the possibilities of life. And that’s the issue – what is possible? Racism, gender stereotypes, class and many other perspectives […]

February 25, 2018

The Second Sunday in Lent

I had a computer glitch on my laptop at Westfield House. I judged it to be a genuine problem not a scam but I couldn’t fix it. So rather than try and work it out by myself, I contacted the company online and soon I was chatting to an online helper. I learnt a long […]

February 18, 2018

The First Sunday in Lent

I heard an interesting statistic recently that 25% of the adult population here have a criminal record. I was surprised and so were others … and a bit of research revealed that perhaps the statistic isn’t too far wrong – though with many qualifications! The general view emerged that it was probably lower than 25% […]

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