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March 4, 2018

The Third Sunday in Lent

You can’t be what you can’t see. I get it. To help inspire, to lift aspirations it is important to have role models. It is important for people to see someone ‘like them’ in all the possibilities of life. And that’s the issue – what is possible? Racism, gender stereotypes, class and many other perspectives […]

February 25, 2018

The Second Sunday in Lent

I had a computer glitch on my laptop at Westfield House. I judged it to be a genuine problem not a scam but I couldn’t fix it. So rather than try and work it out by myself, I contacted the company online and soon I was chatting to an online helper. I learnt a long […]

February 18, 2018

The First Sunday in Lent

I heard an interesting statistic recently that 25% of the adult population here have a criminal record. I was surprised and so were others … and a bit of research revealed that perhaps the statistic isn’t too far wrong – though with many qualifications! The general view emerged that it was probably lower than 25% […]

February 11, 2018

The Transfiguration of Jesus

The disclaimer went, ‘The views expressed in this article are not endorsed by and do not in any way represent the opinions of [the authors’ employers]’. Ok, I get that. Then I read ‘They should also not be taken to express the views of the authors’. … Huh???!!! Why write it then? To make money? […]

January 28, 2018

The 4th Sunday after The Epiphany

It was a split second … ok, maybe a bit longer … 2 seconds max. I nearly drove … straight into a wall! I had parked the car facing a wall and noted when I parked that my front wheels were on the smallest of upward inclines. Simple solution – that’s what hand brakes are […]

January 21, 2018

The 3rd Sunday after The Epiphany

Sometimes you just have to smile when people are surprised – maybe a little perplexed or uncertain – to see me outside where I ‘should be’; when I seem out of place. So when I turned up at a local pub one evening for some ‘Christmas drinks’ after Christmas there was a momentary surprise that […]

January 14, 2018

Observing The Baptism of Jesus

I was simply shocked, surprised in the way of hearing something but thinking ‘No, that can’t be right’! I heard that the trade in illegal wildlife, smuggling native flora and fauna was a most lucrative business (estimated at $US20 billion per year) but fourth – that’s right, fourth – on the illegal trade ladder. Top […]

January 9, 2018

Observing The Festival of The Epiphany

Last month in the space of three days I had two awkward moments when the person behind the counter handed me back my money. Well, in each case, a coin. One occasion I tried to deposit at the bank 1EURO instead of £1. On the other occasion the fellow at the supermarket handed back to […]

December 31, 2017

The First Sunday After Christmas

I have spent the last couple of days looking intently into the face of a very small person as he gurgles, ‘talks’, looks and smiles. Yes, the doting grandfather has received a video clip – just over a minute in length. Obviously enthralled I have been fascinated just studying his face and watching him and […]

December 24, 2017

The Festival of Christmas

Over the last few months I have increasingly felt a link between Christmas and Holy Communion. It has been encapsulated in the first line of Christina Rosetti’s poem, ‘Love came down at Christmas’. The incredible message and truth of the Incarnation – God embodied – the infinite God ‘fitting into’ the baby Jesus as testified […]

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